sean fields

m a g i c i a n

“For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.
For those who do not, none will suffice.”

– Joseph Dunninger

Meet the Mastermind.

Sean Fields is a Canadian performer, consultant, and designer of magic effects.  He has traveled the world, sharing his unique brand of magic with audiences and performers alike. A renowned designer of magic, Sean has created several popular effects, that are performed by the best magicians in the world.

His unique approach to deception has granted him the opportunity to work with the world’s most celebrated performers, including Darcy Oake, Dynamo, Criss Angel, Dan Sperry, and many more.

Sean has consulted for several major television shows, including ‘Darcy Oake: Edge of Reality’, ‘Keith Barry: Extraordinary’, and ‘Criss Angel: Mindfreak’. His effects have also been performed in many more, including ‘Dynamo: Magician Impossible’, as well as the popular touring show ‘The Illusionists’.

“Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”

-Albert Einstein

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Matchbook Madness.

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Raw Impossibility.


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