the mystery isn’t in what you experience, but why.

from the stage…

all of the people. all of the time.

‘Watch Closely’ is Sean’s mind-bending one man show that combines sleight of hand with psychology, to create extraordinary illusions of ordinary things, in what can only be described as ‘a magic show inside your head’, where nothing is as it seems!

A perfect fusion of magic and mentalism, the 30-45 minute interactive show is smart, clean, amazing, and sure to keep your guests talking for years to come. Perfect for banquets or after dinner entertainment.

…to where you are standing.

it’s different when it happens to you.

‘Even Closer’ brings Sean’s unique brand of magic right to your guests. No stage. No microphone. Just unbelievable magic, up close and personal!

Close up magic is some of the most memorable. The audience doesn’t just watch the magic happen, they experience it!

Recognized as one of the world’s premiere sleight of hand artists, Sean’s wit and charm will spark conversation among guests, and his uncanny demonstrations are sure to keep them talking, making your event unforgettable! Ideal for social and networking events, receptions, or parties.