mystery is at the heart of creativity.

for performers…

master the craft.

Darcy Oake. Criss Angel. Dynamo. Dan Sperry. The finest magicians in the world all have the same secret…

Sean has consulted and designed magic for the best performers in the world, and his magic has been seen by millions of people. Whether for stage or screen, Sean can offer a unique perspective of your show, and help make it the absolute best it can possibly be.

Effect design & selection, show structure, scripting,  Sean can offer insight in all elements of a live show.

If your project is for the screen, Sean can be essential in production. From simply framing shots, to editing together a more elaborate piece, he knows how to make your effects connect with your audience.

The biggest names already know. Now it’s your turn.

Book a consultation, and see what Sean can do for you.

for companies…

engage. connect. affect.

With a lifetime of experience in the art of misdirection, Sean knows how to get peoples attention, and keep it.

Ford, Tim Horton’s, Red Bull, ITV, CBS, and A&E have all turned to Sean to help create dynamic, engaging, and memorable content for their campaigns and programs.

Sean excels at creating unique and memorable images and moments, designed around your product. Whether you need an off beat idea for a commercial, an engaging way to start a presentation, or a novel give away for a corporate function, Sean can help ensure your product or message is seen, and remembered.

Engage. Connect. Affect.

Contact for details on how Sean can help take your next project or presentation to another level, and affect your audience.